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Top 11 Instagram Post Ideas for Product Based Business

Do you have excellent Instagram posts?

They ought to be, given the abundance of prospective clients on Instagram.

In reality, the number of users actively using the network each month has surpassed 1 billion, and 80% of Instagram accounts follow businesses.

However, coming up with Instagram post ideas might be challenging.

How can your Instagram postings maintain consistency while increasing engagement, developing your brand, and offering variety?

Finding original social media post ideas for your small business might be challenging. Service-based businesses suffer with the lack of a tangible product to talk about, whereas product-based businesses struggle with what else to post on social media in addition to their products.

We can assist product-based business owners who are struggling to come up with Instagram post ideas. A range of content kinds should ideally be shared, not just photographs of your stuff.

First and foremost, release the pressure.

Create recurrent content series and themes that you can rely on if you're having trouble deciding what to publish on Instagram each day.

For instance, they frequently post motivational messages in this way on Shopify's Instagram account:

And they regularly share merchant interviews and succes stories using this minimal template:

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