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Top 11 Instagram Post Ideas for Product Based Business

Do you have excellent Instagram posts?

They ought to be, given the abundance of prospective clients on Instagram.

In reality, the number of users actively using the network each month has surpassed 1 billion, and 80% of Instagram accounts follow businesses.

However, coming up with Instagram post ideas might be challenging.

How can your Instagram postings maintain consistency while increasing engagement, developing your brand, and offering variety?

Finding original social media post ideas for your small business might be challenging. Service-based businesses suffer with the lack of a tangible product to talk about, whereas product-based businesses struggle with what else to post on social media in addition to their products.

We can assist product-based business owners who are struggling to come up with Instagram post ideas. A range of content kinds should ideally be shared, not just photographs of your stuff.

First and foremost, release the pressure.

Create recurrent content series and themes that you can rely on if you're having trouble deciding what to publish on Instagram each day.

For instance, they frequently post motivational messages in this way on Shopify's Instagram account:

And they regularly share merchant interviews and succes stories using this minimal template:

Take a cue from these 11 Instagram post suggestions for your product-based company.

1. Emphasize your packaging - One of the exciting aspects of running a product-based firm is using packaging to bring your branding to life. It's likely taken a lot of work to make sure that your consumers love opening their packages, so why not showcase your packaging on Instagram?

2. Inspiration for mood boards - Instagram is all about aesthetics! Send out a brief mood board for your company. Simply compile a few images that highlight the character of your brand, then quickly put them together in a collage. This is a fantastic concept for your Stories as well as your Feed.

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3. Photos of your supplies or tools - Images of your tools or supplies allow you to display more than simply your finished output! Pictures of the materials or equipment you use in your product-based business provide excellent Instagram content. It offers a fresh look at how your items are made and sparks a discussion about creation with your clients.

4. Extra close-up product shot – Snap photos of your product's extra close-up. This works well for product-based businesses that have products with exciting textures.

5. Show BTS - Go behind the scenes with your clients by inviting them to do so! Post pictures or videos of your daily activities, including packing, website development, or product creation. This kind of material is ideal for Instagram Reels.

6. Your go-to work essentials – As an entrepreneur, you put in a lot of effort and frequently juggle multiple tasks. What do you do to maximise your productivity throughout a hectic workday? Arrange all your go-to work items on your desk for a quick, flat-lay photo to publish on Instagram.

7. Hobbies - Aside from running your business, what are some of your favourites? To help your clients get to know you better, mention your preferred interests. This will not only provide you with some straightforward Instagram ideas but also humanise your company and even start some fresh, intriguing dialogues.

8. Something amusing - The internet is full of hilarious memes, quips, and tweets. Why not post some funny things on Instagram to cheer up your followers? When you connect this kind of material to your brand, it performs well. Even better, you may alter it to fit your branding. Just make sure to properly credit anyone whose tweet or quotation you use.

9. Product benefits video – How can you convey to your clients that your products are excellent without actually saying so? Create a video showcasing your goods! While you don't want to overstuff your Instagram feed with product images, you definitely want to have videos highlighting some of your products' best features. After producing a few excellent marketing films, you may post them to your Feed, Reels, and Stories! Check out Boosted for easily adaptable video templates you can make for your brand, even if you're not a video expert.

10. Inspirational quotations - One of the simplest content categories to produce and publish frequently on Instagram is inspirational quotes. Make a snapshot or video that reflects your branding with a handful of your favourite phrases and publish it on Instagram. You might even do this on a specific day every week so that your audience will always anticipate reading some motivational stuff from you.

11. Describe yourself - When was the last time you introduced yourself to your clients? Your Instagram following has probably increased over the past year, but some of your recent followers might not know all that much about you. Give a few interesting facts, the story behind your items, and a picture of yourself.

The opportunities are endless!

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, keep it simple.

You don’t need to tackle all of these Instagram post ideas at once. To start, choose a handful of ideas which you can turn into regular themes.

And what if you’re struggling to create plenty of Instagram posts?

Easy: just share plenty of user-generated content. Many brands successfully rely on UGC – like AirBNB:

To finish, here’s a quick-reference list of all of the Instagram post ideas we’ve covered:


Did we miss any great Instagram post ideas? What’s your go-to Instagram post? Let us know in the comments below!

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