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Build A Profitable Product That Your Customers Will Love...

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Find your winning idea, and learn how to build it into a successful product. This Masterclass offers world-class tactics from a top industry professional. You’re going to take a step by step actionable journey that shows you how to build profitable digital products that people love.

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Solve Problems and Add Value

The number one thing your product needs to do is be of value to your customer. If you can solve their problem, or even a portion of it, and add value to their lives, then you have a winning product.

This may seem common sense, but so many people begin chasing a dream that they strongly believe in, without doing any market research or listening to their audience. Creating something of value takes a specific crafted approach that’s flexible enough to change elements of your dream to fit the specific needs of the people who are going to fund it.

Grow your business 10X with the right digital presence.

Chose the right tactics for the stage of idea you are in

Learn about Agile and Lean ways ot product development

How to find the right resources to help you throughout the journey

Test your winning idea in less than a month and in less than $200

Embedd your own personal convictions along with world class frameworks

Strategically, attract winning team members who will help you grow your product

Set your self up for success

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What You Will Learn In This Book

The core essence of the class if your success. The materials are hand picked through years of training and in-field experiences through into actionable strategies that work.  

4 week online course

Core live online sessions with Mayank. Each live session will have 60 - 90 minutes of learning followed by an open QnA session where you can ask Mayank any questions you want

Connect with like minded people

You will be a part of a like minded community where you can post questions, share your ideas and grow your knowledge holistically

Interactive ideation workshops

Join interactive online ideation workshops by the end of which you will be able to structure your thoughts and ideas and set yourself up for success

What Included In The Course


Before you begin building a product, reverse engineer the process and start with the end user in mind. The basics will cover what makes a profitable product that people will love, and how to go about the entire process with lower cost and fewer hassles.

Experimentation Format

No first idea is perfect. This module walks you through the process of iteration, which is making useful changes to constantly improve on your original idea until it’s ready to act on.

The Right Idea

There are limitless ideas and possibilities. This section shows you which of your ideas have the best potential, how to narrow it down to just one, and unlock the ability to focus to achieve the most success.

Scaling Bigger

Get insight from the trenches, with practical ideas on how to build team structures, innovate on simple ideas, and create something that’s both unique and still so familiar that your customers will be ready to buy in to your idea.

Pricing and Plan For Masterclass


The CORE - 5 two hour live courses + Live workshops + Live QnA + Community access


  • All Live Courses

  • Detailed feedback on all assignments 

  • Access to workshops

  • Life time access to a like minded community


Premium plan - In addition to the 'core plan' get lifetime access to future content and bonus material 


Everything in the 'core plan' plus

  • Lifetime access to all future courses including recordings, videos, worksheets and bonus material

  • Bonus:

    • Interview access with other successful product managers​

    • 2 one hour slot with me for brainstorming and feedback


Executive plan are for those who require detailed 1*1 consultation to ensure guaranteed success on your product


Everything on 'Core plan' plus 'Premium plan' plus

  • 6 hour 1*1 consultation which can be broken down into 6 meetings

  • Exclusive 'Executive' only Discord channel

  • Exclusive rapid dedicated calls with 'Executive' members

How the Masterclass works

Learn all the elements of building great products that everyone will love.

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You will enroll in this masterclass
with the below form provided

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Get an email with zoom
meet link and dates of classes

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A dedicated 2 hour class every weekend with the group. We will cover topics of that week followed by excercies and worshops

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Every class will have a 
include 60 to 90 minutes of learning followed by direct QnA. 

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You will be a part of a vibrant and like minded community for life where you can build connections, share ideas and ask questions

Who This Master Class is For

Not just a class. Be a part of something bigger...

Graduation Celebration

Existing Product Managers

Using Laptop

Looking to break into product management as a career

Online Education

Entepreneurs looking to build products from scratch

Work From Home

Entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses

Easy Refund Policy

It's okay if you don't like the masterclass, we have an easy refund policy. In case you don't like the masterclass, you can email us regarding their refund and we will initiate the process soon - no questions asked!!!

What People Are Saying About My Project Management Masterclass

People all around the globe have a positive impact on their professional life with my ebooks and masterclass. You can see what they say about me and my resources.

Jürgen G

Startup Founder, Berlin, Germany

“The class reflects its own advice - it’s simple, intuitive, and incredibly effective. I know will go on to use this in my career.”


Allyson B

Entrepreneur, New York, USA

“Even partway through the course I knew I’d gotten my money’s worth. There are tons of usable gems in here.”

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Braden M

Product Manager, Bristol, UK

“I’m incredibly grateful this was gifted to me. I consider myself at the top of my game, but clearly Mayank has a few tactics that anyone can benefit from.”

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