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About Me

I'm Mayank, author of the book 'The Art of Building Great Products.'

I’ve come up with a recipe for building great products. It’s a blend of embracing your unique idiosyncrasies combined with proven methodologies and frameworks.

It’s the method that’s helped me launch 2 successful startup companies and build products for several Fortune 500 companies.

Do I know it works? Yes.

Do I know it will work for you? Yes.

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My Story

I started my career as a kid, dreaming up inventions and always believing that there was a better way to do things. As I grew older, I realized that ambition needs a healthy balance of discipline in order to make the right decisions, to cut out the fluff and focus on exactly what needs to be done.


Yet I always knew that technology was the future of every successful product. I began to specialize in digital leadership, mastering the craft since 2007. My initiative and reliable work ethic combined with an unconventional yet effective method of creation landed me high performing roles with Fortune 500 companies such as  BCG, Toyota, Accenture, GE, Emirates and Kraft Heinz. 


To me, every day is about problem-solving. We need optimization through rigorous, analytical, and a cross-function high-level strategy to map out the tactical details for success.

Now I tailor my approach for each consulting engagement to meet each client’s specific needs. The body of my work encompasses B2C and B2B companies building web or mobile products. From interim VP of Product Management or a specific short-term project need, I’m delighted to become part of your product’s journey.


Companies I Worked With

I’ve led product teams for some of the most admired brands in the world. I tailor my engagement for each project, although my process generally leans towards staying agile, and lean. To me, I want to launch a world-class product that’s massively profitable without you spending a fortune gambling on its success first.

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Working At Home

Meet Mayank

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Book a call

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Best-selling book for building
great products

This book is the product management blueprint, from choosing the right idea, through launch! Discover the tools and skills you need to support your vision.

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