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Best selling book for building great products

This book is the product management blueprint, from choosing the right idea, through launch! Discover the tools and skills you need to support your vision.


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3 Steps for Success

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Do you have what it takes to launch your own product? Yes! But save yourself years of making mistakes and barely being profitable when you get help with these three steps:

You might think that products take a stroke of genius or some magical spark to get inspired and breathe life into your idea. Nope. There are three simple principles that you can apply to anything you’re working on to ensure excellence.

Simplicity. Great products are built without complexity, fancy jargon or certifications. Focus on your end user and facilitate an easy experience for them. The less you have, the more agile you become.

Balance. Go with your personal conviction and include a structure on how to achieve the ideal that you believe in. It’s not either/or - it’s both.

Rigor. Great products are built in stages, modifying, shifting and scaling when those need to happen. But most importantly, the only strategy that yields results is execution, following through

I’ve expanded on these principles in my books, and teach them directly in my Masterclass and online work groups. I would love to help you expand your ability to create functional, agile products on a lean budget.

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The Art of Building
Great Products

Choose the right idea, scale it, and innovate until it’s insanely profitable. What’s inside?

  • A proven method to build great products

  • Actionable advice on product management

  • A framework to build intuitive products

  • A step-by-step approach that you can use right now

What Really Makes Products Come To Life

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Client LOVE

Mayank Mittal wrote The Art of Building Great Products. He postulates that It is necessary to have a brilliant concept. The Art of Building Great Products demonstrates how to test and put it into practice. The book explains the justification, implementation, and application of this concept.


English Teacher

The Art of Building Great Products is a wonderfully easy and explanatory read on what goes into creating a market and building a great product that will net you profit. With that being said,



In “The art of building great products”, interested people in the field will find valuable information about management and ideas connected to that. Mayank Mittal has written an engaging guide with complete and well-explained ideas to apply to any kind of business. 


Río Grande


Topics which are covered in the Book

How do you choose the right idea using analytics and data to ensure greater success? Learn an iterative, fast and inexpensive method for picking a winner.

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Fund new ideas and get the right team in place for growth. Get a clear system and methodology for success.

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Take an iterative approach to true innovation of both your project and the people working to make it happen. Make your mistakes more valuable with true collaboration.

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Discover what a product manager’s role is and what they’re able to bring to a team to further develop the product.


Return and Refund Policy

It's okay if you don't like the masterclass, we have an easy refund policy. In case you don't like the masterclass, you can email us regarding their refund and we will initiate the process soon - no questions asked!!!

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