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7 Best Product Ideas To Sell Offline

In this post-crisis economy, businesses try to return to what they do best: develop goods and services to satisfy consumer demand. Will they come up with the following primary idea that changes the world? This is indeed the goal! But while this might seem easy on the surface, it is a real challenge to think of product ideas when everything has ostensibly been produced. At the same time, ideas are, in theory, infinite, so anything is possible when you tap into your entrepreneurial spirit. What could be a product idea that a multinational and multi-billion-dollar corporation or a small business of five think of any way? With the new physical product feature, we aim to make your solo enterprise booming with increased sales and revenue. Perfect for sellers operating on micro and macro scales, the platform provides a unique ecosystem for creatives of the most different calibre. Following are seven unique physical product ideas you can turn into reality and sell. Vinyl records Want to celebrate the release of your brand-new EP? With the ongoing renaissance of vinyl records, selling your music in a limited-edition physical format is the right way to catch the attention of your existing and future fan bases. According to a study, North America will contribute 32% of the global market growth in 2022-25. The US is the primary market for vinyl records in North America. Having a run of limited-edition vinyl pressings is a surefire way to earn more with the initial sales, as the most hardcore fans will be eager to get their hands on a physical, perhaps even signed, copy of your brand-new album.

Nothing compares to the sensation of putting a freshly unwrapped vinyl on a turntable for the first time. From the cover art to the design of liner notes – create an artwork that organically complements your music, offering your fans a complete audiovisual package. Books and planners There are many great platforms to sell PDF-format books featuring your original stories, poetry, and any other type of literary fiction. Now, next to your digital books, you can also list the physical versions of your work.

Feel free to experiment with the format and content, whether it’s a multi-part novella, a beautifully illustrated children’s book, or a uniquely branded pocketbook with specially curated motivational lines. According to an research by, Paper calendars such as a diary, journal or planner are preferred by 28.3% of respondents. You can even build an entire merch universe around your released book. The list of merch ideas is nearly endless and can vary with each unique storyline. Custom mugs The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) estimates that 53 per cent of U.S. consumers own customised drinkware. Create and sell the much-loved personalized mugs – whether you go with all the rainbow colours or a simple, irresistibly funny one-liner. Releasing your line of creatively designed mugs will likely catapult you into eCommerce heaven. The wildly popular lifestyle accessory can now bear your unique design making it a perfect collector’s item. Create a line of collectable mugs and make your followers go wild from hype with every new release on the line. When it comes to tried-and-tested merch ideas, it’s hard to miss it with this one. Tote bags

Going hand in hand with the sustainable lifestyle ethos, tote bags are a great way to avoid plastic bags while sporting an eco-friendly attitude with style. But more importantly – according to Google Trends, the interest in tote bags has been constantly high for years, which means that this practical accessory never goes out of fashion. Tote bags are also a frequently utilized tool when it comes to raising brand awareness and self-promotion. Think about it – totes are reliable allies both on a grocery store visit and on festival grounds, making them genuinely practical items as much as they’re accessories. Socks Gone are hen socks were worn purely to support and warm your feet. Today a pair of flashy, highly-personalized socks is a crucial element to the look of every fashion-savvy individual out there. Turn that pattern you’ve sketched in your notebook into a stylish, real-life entity with a series of limited-edition socks. With numerous brands tackling the socks market with unique and often hilarious design patterns, it’s the right time to contribute with your creations.

Still doubtful? Happy Socks is a great example that proves – you can build a successful, highly profitable business by just selling socks!

Do not be afraid to go bold and experimental when conceptualizing your future product. Internet is your gateway to a massive and diverse audience, so you can be sure that there will always be somebody interested in your catalogue. Whether you’re a battle-hardened industry vet with thousands of followers or a casual hobbyist, selling your items in a physical format alongside your digital goods extends the reach of your online enterprise, vastly increasing the probability of scoring sales and conquering new market grounds. For more information on building and promoting your physical product, feel free to reach out to us.

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