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Are you looking for a simple-to-follow guide that can take you from your great idea into a great product? Are you building a product, but not able to scale it to the next level?

In this action-oriented book, Mayank Mittal presents a proven solution that will teach you about product management, and how to build your idea into a product in as less as 90 days.

Rather than wasting time learning about the latest terminologies and creating elaborate business plans, The art of building products offers entrepreneurs and product managers an easy-to-follow approach to choosing the right idea and to scale that idea into a successful company by following step by step instructions to build a great product.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Everything an aspiring product manager needs to know to succeed
  • A 4-step process for choosing the right idea, and converting that into a successful product
  • Grow your product into a scalable company by adding the right team structures, funding models and imbibing innovation at each step
  • Finally, use your personal intuition, and add it into proven frameworks to truly make something unique and great
  • And more…

The art of building great products turns product aspirations into reality in a structured manner.

Get The art of building great products today and unlock the benefits of building something truly great.

The art of building great products