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These free resources will help you in your wonderful journey of building great products

Free templates to advance your journey of building products. This is a combination of my own templates with some of the worlds most trusted frameworks


Presented By Mayank Mittal. Author, entrepeneur and a coach for building products.

Some of these resources have been leveraged from the most popular proven frameworks prevelant in the industry. Other resources are that I have formulated myself which I have found to be very useful throughout the course of my career while building products.

Utilizing these tools and frameworks will definitely help you in your journey of building great products that everyone will love.

Choose your free template

Customer Interviews Script

Utilize this script to effectively interview your potential customers and find out their pain points, and alternatives they are using. 

Problems Research

Problems can be defined into multiple buckets. As you research the problem you are trying to solve, capture everything to see patterns that emerge.

Value Proposition

Brilliant template to really pin down the value you aim to provide with your product. What are the pain points and emotional connects you are solving.

Product Roadmaps

Each product requires multiple roadmaps depending on the stakeholder you are pitching the vision for. This showcases some templates you can use.

Team Alignment Map

Before you even start building the product, chosing the right team is a critical element. Use this template to enusure that everyone is aligned.

Customer Persona Template

As you capture insights about your ideal customer, use this template to define your customer further, to truly humanize the problem you are trying to solve with your products. 

Business Meeting

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