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What do the Fortune 500 companies that I’ve helped deliver results for all have in common?

A practical sense of which dream to bank on, followed up with a proven strategy to get products to market. It’s deceptively simple, with a number of complex moving parts - but that’s exactly what I specialize in.

I want to show you how to turn your vision into reality and get your own product to market faster, leaner, and with fewer hassles along the way.

Mayank Mittal
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What Really Makes Products Come To Life

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You might think that products take a stroke of genius or some magical spark to get inspired and breathe life into your idea. Nope. There are three simple principles that you can apply to anything you’re working on to ensure excellence.

Simplicity. Great products are built without complexity, fancy jargon or certifications. Focus on your end user and facilitate an easy experience for them. The less you have, the more agile you become.


Balance. Go with your personal conviction and include structure on how to achieve the ideal that you believe in. It’s not either/or - it’s both. 


Rigor. Great products are built in stages, modifying, shifting and scaling when those need to happen. But most importantly, the only strategy that yields results is execution, following through 


I’ve expanded on these principles in my books, and teach them directly in my Masterclass and online work groups. I would love to help you expand your ability to create functional, agile products on a lean budget.

Steps For Your Success

Do you have what it takes to launch your own product? Yes! But save yourself years of making mistakes and barely being profitable when you get help with these three steps:

Step 1. IDEA - ensure you’re working on the right idea for right now.

Step 2. STRATEGY - get a tactical plan for how you’re going to follow through.

Step 3. IMPLEMENTATION - take massive action and see your product hit the market.

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Build your own unique value. Following someone else is almost always a recipe for mediocrity. 

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The Art of Building Great Products

Choose the right idea, scale it, and innovate until it’s insanely profitable. What’s inside?

Proven method to build great products

Actionable advice on product management

A framework to build intuitive products

A step-by-step approach that you can use right now


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What are some people saying...

People all around the globe have a positive impact on their professional life with my ebooks and masterclass. You can see what they say about me and my resources.

Jürgen G

Startup Founder, Berlin, Germany

“The class reflects its own advice - it’s simple, intuitive, and incredibly effective. I know will go on to use this in my career.”

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Allyson B

Entrepreneur, New York, USA

“Even partway through the course I knew I’d gotten my money’s worth. There are tons of usable gems in here.”

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Braden M

Product Manager, Bristol, UK

“I’m incredibly grateful this was gifted to me. I consider myself at the top of my game, but clearly Mayank has a few tactics that anyone can benefit from.”

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Generate More Impact With Your Product

You’re sitting on a great idea that’s going to help a lot of people. Are you ready to empower your process with a proven methodology to bring it to market?

Mayank Mittal
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