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Hello. I'm Mayank. Author of the book 'the Art of building great products'

He believes that the true recipe for building great products is by imbibing your own unique idiosyncrasies with proving methodologies and frameworks. Since 2007, he has helped build products for several Fortune 500 companies and has launched 2 startups.

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My Story

Mayank brings in 14+ years of experience in high tech digital leadership positions working with Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture, GE, Emirates, KPMG and Kraft Heinz. In addition, Mayank has also founded 2 product based startups in AI and IoT space. 

His approach to problem-solving and optimization is rigorous, analytical, and cross-functional, spanning from high-level strategy to tactical details.

Most of his clients are B2C and B2B companies building web or mobile products. Whether your company needs an interim VP of Product Management or has a specific short-term project need, Mayank can help. Mayank tailors each consulting engagement to meet each client’s specific needs.

Through his work, Mayank believes that sustainable growth is only possible if the ambition to scale is balanced with the discipline to make challenging, subtractive decisions.

Companies I Worked With

Mayank has led products for some of the most admired brands in the world. His engagement is tailored to each project. He leverages agile, lean startup and jobs to be done frameworks to build world class products. 

Business Consultation


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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